Effectively communicate
about outages.

Tulii helps businesses to keep customers on the loop during downtime, build complete trust and reduce support tickets, so your team can focus on the fix.


Professional-looking status pages

An easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly create a professional-looking status page and easily communicate disruptions to the world.



Direct customers to one central place.

Outage, slowdown, or just some issue in general? Direct our customers to one central place for critical system downtime and maintenance alerts.


Your services scale, our prices don't.

Get the ball rolling already on free plan - with your own custom domain! No non-sense billing based on subscribers base, so wont limit your growth.


Easily communicate disruptions to the world.
Get a status page today.

Keep your customers informed on what the heck is going on if there's an outage, slowdown, or just some issue in general.